Alabama's Best Cheesy Dishes

July 2020

Try these cheesy classics in Alabama.

“Classic Melt” from Melt


Grilled cheese doesn’t get much more decadent than it does at Melt in Birmingham, Alabama! Order the Classic melt, a grilled cheese stuffed with cheddar, Monterey jack and American cheese on Texas toast! If you’re daring enough, add a side of Mac-N-Cheese!

“Hot Chicken Cheese Dip” from Niffers

Lake Martin

This is a Buffalo style hot chicken cheese dip with warm and gooey cheese and freshly grilled chicken in the creamy mixture. Served with their cooked fresh daily tortilla chips.

“The Ends” from The Cellar


The Cellar was born through a love of superior meals, fine wine and fellowship with family and friends! Try their yummy grilled cheese sandwich made from brisket burnt ends topped with pepper jack cheese.

“Mac N’ Ribs” from LiveOaks


In the heart of downtown Auburn, Alabama, the building once home to the Amoco service station, since the 1950s, was transformed into a one-off restaurant and patio bar. Built on Auburn traditions, LiveOaks was named after the beloved Toomer’s Corner Oaks that were replanted the same week the restaurant opened its doors. Their Mac-N-Ribs dish boasts St. Louis style ribs with house barbecue sauce served with bacon-jalapeno mac-n-cheese with collard greens!

“Cheese Biscuits” from Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ

Various Locations

At Jim ‘N Nick’s, the team prides itself on using the right ingredients, taking their time and honoring the traditions that brought us barbecue. Their most famous and crave-worthy dish has to be their warm, soft and delicious cheese biscuits that are served with every meal.

“Messy Fries” from Quick Grill


A student favorite, Quick Grill is open late and has a menu with a Mediterranean twist. Their signature dish, the “Messy Fries”, french fries completely smothered in chili and cheese, can’t be beat after a long night out on the strip.

“Goat Cheese Cheesecake” from Belle Chevre


Make Belle Chevre cheesecakes your go-to dessert! Light and airy, creamy and sweet, these cheesecakes made with award-winning Alabama goat cheese will have all your guests begging for the recipe!

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