Everything But Pumpkin: Alabama's Unique Fall Tastes

June 2020

Cinnamon Apple Pop from Steel City Pops
Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama

Try one of the many delicious fall flavors now available at Steel City Pops locations across the state! As an added bonus this year, you can have your pop dipped, drizzled or dusted with additional topping like caramel, sea salt and white chocolate. Yum!

Oktoberfest Beer from Cahaba Brewing Company
Birmingham, Alabama

Our Fall seasonal is our take on an Oktoberfest style beer.  Brewed with continental malts, a generous amount of noble hops, and a unique twist on the fermenting yeast, Oktoberfest is one of our favorite beers.  It’s malty, full body, and well-balanced hop character makes it a perfect fall beer to enjoy with your friends.

Gluten Free Apple Bread from Turbo Coffee
Florence, Alabama

In addition to getting a coffee pick-me-up, make sure to have a taste of Turbo Coffee’s homemade Apple Bread! This trendy coffee shop in Florence is the perfect place to escape the chilly air and warm up.

Caramel Apple Pie from Pie Lab
Greensboro, Alabama

At Pie Lab, they believe pie is Joy. It is Bliss. It is what is eaten when families and friends gather. When it is made, it is made by hands with love for people to enjoy and savor. Where there is happiness, very often we find pie. At Pie Lab, they strive to create a superior product, using the right techniques, striving for perfection, and that extends to their delicious Caramel Apple Pie!

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