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Unforgettable Experiences and Things to Do in Alabama

Whether your favorite distraction is exploring nature and wildlife, taking self-guided tours, lounging on the Alabama beaches, or shopping till you drop, there’s never a lack of things to do in Alabama. But you won’t just find activities in Alabama; you’ll discover unforgettable experiences. When you explore the terrain of the mountains, you’ll feel it. While you indulge in gratifying cuisine, you’ll taste it. As you take the time you need to recharge and find your best self, you’ll become stronger by it. This is Alabama.

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Arts & Culture

The many creative experiences in Alabama can transport you to a new world, make you feel things you've never felt before, or even inspire you to see things in a new light. That's the beautiful power of Alabama's culture and arts scene. In the mood for theater, poetry readings, or spoken word performances? Maybe you’re excited about experiencing Alabama through sculpture, architecture, or painting. Embark on a creative exploration today!

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Alabama claims 60 miles of the Gulf Coast shoreline, 32 of which are covered with pristine beachfront. Feel the soft, white sand underneath your feet, and listen to the soothing sounds of the waves crashing upon the shore. Alabama is famous for its white beaches, created by tiny quartz crystals washed here from the Appalachian Mountains. The ultimate beach lover’s oasis is waiting for you in Sweet Home Alabama.

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Civil Rights Legacy

There is no place more seeped in civil rights history than Alabama, home to many impactful events that occurred during the Civil Rights Movement. Here, courageous leaders inspired a movement that forever changed the course of history. Celebrate an era of triumph and tragedy that redefined the nation. Explore Gee’s Bend, the Civil Rights Trail, monumental African American historic sites, and more. Take part in unique events and visit featured locations home to the nation’s most engaging civil rights experiences.

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Food & Drink

Good food paves the way for meaningful conversations and memories that will last a lifetime. No one understands that better than the chefs and restaurateurs in Alabama. Authentic Alabama cuisine is nothing short of legendary! Experience mouthwatering culinary creations and unique dining experiences that will have you coming back for more. Think you’ve had good barbecue before? Not until you’ve experienced Alabama barbecue made with white barbecue sauce! Good food doesn’t get any better than iconic Alabama offerings like Martin’s fried chicken, shrimp and grits from Blind Mule, and Irondale Cafe’s classic fried green tomatoes.

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Viewing the world through the lens of the past can reveal quite a bit. Uncover the past and learn about the people, places, and events that have shaped the world’s history. Out of all the things to do in Alabama, the most significant destinations are its historical sites. From the historic capital, Montgomery, to its biggest city, Huntsville; Alabama offers a legacy that began before it was established as a territory back in 1817.

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Are you a music lover who searches the globe for what moves your spirit? Let the sounds of Sweet Home Alabama take you on a one-of-a-kind journey that spans across genres and time for a top-of-the-charts experience. The rich music scene across the state presents an endless array of things to do in Alabama that are truly inspirational. From jazz, country, and rock and roll to the blues, gospel, and beyond, music that has shaped the culture still thrives strong and true in Alabama.

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Experience wildflowers as you’ve never seen them at DeSoto State Park, go camping at Forever Wild Wehle Tract, or learn to hunt through Alabama’s Adult Mentored Hunt program! As one of the most biologically diverse states in the country, Alabama offers true outdoor adventure. From its plentiful rivers and lakes to its sugar-white sand beaches, Alabama’s vast geographical landscape is home to natural wonders of all kinds ready to awaken the explorer in you.

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Science & Discovery

Let Alabama speak to your sense of wonder. The mysteries of space and beyond can be explored here, where imagination meets innovation. Discover things to do in Alabama at every turn, from the McWane Science Center in Birmingham to the U.S Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Mobile County. You can touch a meteorite, see a digital seashell generator, or visit an enormous aquarium!

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Sitting on the edge of your seat, a chill runs down your spine while watching your favorite team that has you coming back for more. Where champions are built, winning is the norm, and losing is just called learning. Step into the fast-paced world of Alabama's legendary sports today. If you’re looking for things to do in Alabama, don’t miss an Alabama Crimson Tide or Auburn football game, Trash Pandas baseball game, Legion soccer match, or Squadron basketball game. Finally, no visit to Alabama is complete without experiencing the unbeatable rush of racing at tracks like the Talladega Superspeedway, the Atmore Dragway, or the East Alabama Motor Speedway. You can even get behind the wheel yourself at the Richard Petty Driving Experience! Or, spend a day at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Park and Museum, home of the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama. The excitement of Alabama sports is a true rush you won’t want to miss!

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Year-Round Golf

When it comes to things to do in Alabama, golf is at the top of the list for many visitors, and it might top yours, too! With Alabama’s vast geographical landscape and wildlife, many golfers enjoy not only the challenge of each course but also its natural beauty. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is the ultimate experience for golf enthusiasts, with 468 thrilling holes across 11 destinations throughout the state. In total, there are 26 pristine golf courses on the trail, beckoning you to come and experience the game on a whole new level. With dozens of spectacular golf courses across every part of the state, it’s no wonder why so many golfers flock to Alabama year-round!

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